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Tourweaver 6

Virtual Tour software

As a professional and powerful virtual tour creating tool, Tourweaver 6 not only inherits all the great features in version 5, but also introduces new ones like Google Maps support, various virtual tour effects, Standalone Swf virtual tour, as well as HTML5 tour for your iPhone & iPad.

New Generation of Tourweaver has been released with many long expected features. Virtual Tour Gallery

Main features of virtual tour software Tourweaver 6 include:

Google/Bing Map NEW!
Both maps are supported and hotspot and action can be added. Google street view is supported in HTML 5 tour only. Google map is available to those who have alread had valid Google map API keys.

Speed Control NEW!
Control the speed of the whole virtual tour.
A speed controller can be added to virtual tour to control the playing speed.
The controller is a *.swf file, which can be customized.

Scenes and Maps
All types of panoramas and still images are supported.
Spherical, cylindrical, partial panorama and one shot panorama
Multiple maps can be added (only one map is allowed in Lite edition).

Control buttons
-Buttons, movie controller, speed controller and sound controller (new feature in 6.50) are supported.
-Interact with the tour by using actions.
-Use compass to indicate south direction of scenes (new feature in 6.50).
-Various actions can be applied to button, to achieve effects like open a popup window...

Effect NEW!
Effects like lens flare, and weather effects like snow and rain are introduced.
Lens flare can be added directly on scene image.
Snow and rain effect can be applied from properties panel of scene.

Customization of right-click menu NEW!
Company Name and website address can be added to right-click menu of the virtual tour.
This is quite helpful for leading more visits to the specified website.

Hotspot and Radar
Hotspot / Polygonal hotspot can be added to scene, map and Google map. Actions of the hotspots to go to another scene and etc.
Radar can indicate the location of the scene on map,
which can show the position of the scene currently being played.

Virtual tour formats
-Flash VR which is easily inserted in your webpage.
-Standalone exe can be burned to CD and sent to your clients.
-Swf virtual tours can be integrated with your Flash projects.
-HTML5 virtual tour for iPhone/iPad

Selection tool
Normal and Flash thumbnails, Listbox and Combobox can list some or all the virtual tour scenes for selection view.
Not only scenes, but also map and movie can be listed. The Flash thumbnail can also be customized (view tutorial).

Description components
Use Text, Image and TextArea to show information.
TextArea can show description for each scene, map, movie and component hint.
Text and Image can trigger various actions, just like button and hotspot.

Popup Window
Display virtual tour components in a popup window. Popup window helps to make virtual tour more interactive.
You can place any of the tour components (SceneViewer excluded) on popup window,
and place a button on MainWindow to trigger the popup.

Loading Window customization
Apply swf progress bar and preloading image to virtual tour.
Free loading progress bar can be downloaded from our website and applied to your virtual tour. You can also design your own progress bar.

Media components
Flash and Video can be used to show rich content.
Flash (*.swf) and Video (*.flv) can
be added to virtual tour skin (on MainWindow), popup window and scene image.

Virtual tour software Tourweaver 6 Edition Comparison

There are three editions for Tourweaver 6: Professional, Standard and Lite. Check Edition Comparsion Chart

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