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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver Auto Scaling Components

In the latest virtual tour software - Tourweaver, tour components in Tourweaver support display in proportion, including Thumbnail, Google/bing Map Viewer, Map viewer and Popup Window. With this feature, tour components will automatically adapt/scale to different browser window in proper vertical or horizontal proportion. This feature applies to create virtual tour for smart phones, tablets and PC at the same time.

Your may experience the this feature from following virtual tour sample.

(click image below to view on PC or scan the QR code beside to view with phone or tablets)

Portrait view
Scale to browser horizontal

Landscape view

Scale to viewer


How to scale tour components to various browser window?

Let’s take Thumbnail for example:

If you would like to display tour on both smart phones and PC, check Scale to Browser Window of Thumbnail, the thumbnail will display proportionally with the width or height % value you set. (H value fixed for if check horizontal thumbnail while W value is adjustable, and vice versa. Value can be adjusted with slider, ranging from 1% to 100%). This operation applies to Thumbnail, Google/bing Map Viewer, Map viewer and Popup Window.

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