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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver Hotspot Perpectives Effect

Hotspot is a very basic function of Virtual Tour Software, but it is very useful. In order to make hotspot more user-friendly, hotspot perspective effect is supported. After source image is imported, the size of hotspot can be adusted to fit target object in virtual tour scene. Besides, hotspot would not float above virtual tours when selecting hotspot perspective effect. Thus, virtual tour is close to reality. There hotspots with hotspot perspective effect are added in published virtual tour below. You can check the three images near the door in published virtual tour.

To achieve the effect above, please operate Virtual Tour Software as below:
1. Add hotspots in Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver and import source images in property panel.
2. Embed three images in a scene and select hotspot perspective effect in property panel of each hotspot.
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