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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver JpegXR Format

Virtual Tour Software - JpegXR format is supported.

Do you want to downsize your project? Do you want to improve the loading speed of your tour online? They can be realized in Tourweaver 7.5 now.

Compared with published tour by Tourweaver7, the scenes in published folder of Tourweaver 7.5 have a smaller size. However, what is really wonderful is that the image quality is maintained.

You can operate as below:

1. Open your project in Tourweaver7.5. Here I take sample 1 for instance.
2. Before publishing the tour, you need to check "JpegXR" in publish menu.
3. The size of scene folder would be relatively smaller than the size of published file of Tourweaver7.
Notice: JpegXR format is not supported in Flash player lower than Flash 11.
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