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Virtual Tour and Panorama Software - Studio 2007 Introduction

Easypano is always on the cutting-edge of panorama-stitching and virtual tour presenting technology. This newly published Studio 2007 is perhaps the most complete panorama and virtual tour kit in the market.

Two parts contained in Studio 2007:

Panoweaver 5.00 Professional
Tourweaver 3.00 Professional

What can I do with Studio 2007?

1. Panorama-stitching:

  • Stitch flash spherical panoramas
  • Full screen panorama
  • Use Camera Raw image to stitch high quality panorama
  • Creating HDR image and converting HDR to LDR image
  • Right click stitching
  • Supports Smart Blend plugin
  • Save stitched panoramas and use in Tourweaver to make a tour

See following flash panorama made by Panoweaver 5.0 Professional:

2. Flash virtual tour presenting:

  • Publish flash virtual tours with high quality and stability
  • Link spherical panoramas into 360*180 degree virtual tour
  • View scene or map in full screen
  • Display map at top right corner when in full screen
  • Use multiple maps to show scenes in groups
  • Use dynamic text in the tour skin
  • Customize tour skin and tour walkthrough (abundant free skins are also available for download)
  • Add different components to the tour skin to achieve various actions
  • Use hotspots, radars, url links to present an interactive tour
  • Publish video tour, which can be in VCD and DVD format, or web-based java applet tour

See following virtual tours made by Tourweaver 3.0 Professional:


Free skin templates:

sample 1


sample 2


Download the trial version right now!

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