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Tourweaver, as the leading coding free virtual tour software, has ushered a new generation with many brand new features that can enrich your virtual tour to be the most competitive one. With this version you can desmonstate your virtual tour in HD Movie on TV, HTML5 format on iPad/iPhone/iPod, as well as Flash format.
What's new
  • HTML5 Tours Improvement
    HTML5 Panorama player is also greatly improved for tour viewing on iOS and Android devices, supporting scene Multi-resolution display and mouse scroll wheel zooming, thumbnail in Classic style is also added.
  • New Hotspot Adding Mode
    Adding scene hotspot has never been so easy, just drag the scene name and drop it on the Scene Viewer, the scene hotspot with "link to Scene" action is added.
  • Customizable Scroll Bar
    Scroll bar in different styles is now supported in Textarea, Listbox, Combobox and Map viewer components for showing more text or content in virtual tours .You may also design different style scroll bar by yourself.
  • Multi-Resolution Images
    The Multi-resolution feature enables loading large images quickly and faster. The large size images are split into many small pieces of images and loaded piece by piece on viewer, which requires less memory.
  • Pop-up Image Zooming
    Now, you can use a high resolution image in Pop-up Image and view it with mouse wheel zoom in/out. This feature helps you to see details of the large image.
  • Scene Type Automatic Identification
    Tourweaver becomes smarter in the process of source images import, spherical, cubic, as well as cylindrical panoramas can be automatically identified by program, saving your time in tour creation.
[ Legend: ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]

In Flash format tour:
[+] Revolutionary Flash panorama player
[+] Slideshow Images Group in Fly-out Media
[+] Add Scene Hotspot with 'link to scene' action by drag and drop mode
[+] Scroll bar is available in Textarea, Listbox, Combobox and Map viewer
[+] Multi-resolution images in both HTML5 and Flash format tours

In HTML5 format tour:
[+] Multi-resolution display
[+] Support viewing scene with mouse scroll wheel zooming
[+] Support classic style Thumbnail

Improved features

[*] Revolutionary Flash player improves tour viewing experience
[*] The updated HTML5 player in Tourweaver 7.7 is more stable and smooth, providing better visual experiences for viewers.
[*] Support 20000x10000 pixels image editing and publishing
[*] Optimize Best Fit display mode for image over 10000 pixels
[*] User may specify tour rotating direction
[*] Scenes image type can be automatically identified
[*] Support Popup Image resize and zooming
[*] Improve playing stability on iOS devices
[*] Optimize Sound Playing on mobile devices

Fixed Bugs:

[-] Fix several crash bugs and improve program stability
[-] Fix the error caused by play mode switch on Android devices
[-] Address the playing problem of still images
[-] Fix the error in mute function of Sound Controller
Free Update
The virtual tour software, Tourweaver7.7, is a free updated version of Tourweaver7.x. If you have owned Tourweaver7.x version, please transfer license key in program Help menu and activate Tourweaver7.7 with the same license key. Besides, since Tourweaver7.7 is still a beta version, feedback after running the virtual tour software on your machine would be highly appreciated.
Testing Points
You are welcome to be one of the testers. Please pay attention to the following features.
Your feedbacks and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

1. Multi-Resolution Images Publishing
2. Images Group in Fly-out Media
3. New Hotspot Adding Mode
4. Pop-up Image Zooming
5. Customizable Scroll Bar
6. Scene Type Automatic Identification

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